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  • Shinobi

    Alternative: Shinobi 2002
  • Author(s): Scott Allie
  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Superhero -  Dark Horse
  • Status : ongoing
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Shinobi summary:

The legendary Shinobi returns! After its striking debuting in the arcade, the Shinobi series exploded on Sega's home consoles and portable hardware. Build upon a hit franchise classic, Shinobi is now being brought to life on the PlayStation 2. Sega is proudly bringing the old-school classic back this November, updating the game with next-generation graphics, complex ninja attack moves, and intense high speed action. Shinobi: The Rise of Hotsumapresents the untold story of Hotsuma and his battle with his brother Mortisune to take control of a cursed blade and become leader of a clan of ninjas. The events in the comic directly lead up to the start of the game, as Hotsuma begins his battle through the demon-filled streets of post-apocalyptic Tokyo. Ultra-talented Paco Medina (Planet of the Apes, Suicide Squad) handles art duties, with Scott Allie's adaptation of an original screenplay provided by Sega. The comic will also feature production sketches, interviews, behind-the-scenes info, and more! This one-shot from Dark Horse tells of Hotsuma and Moritsune's childhood in their village and introduces the soul eating sword Akujiki. The story serves to provide some backstory for those who have played the game. The last six pages feature a gallery of art from the game and interviews with creators of the game Shinobi.

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